Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas In Belgium

Christmas is a holiday we hold dear to our hearts, not only in our country but many others as well. As we have our own traditions which have been handed down and made special in each household, others have the same. But, have you ever heard of having dual Santas?
Belgium, a european country has just that. As we all know of the famous Santa also known as “Pere Noel”, he shares his spotlight with another Jolly fellow also known as “SinterKlaas”or Saint Nicholas. SinterKlaas is known for appearing not just once, but twice during the month of december bearing sweets and toys for the good kids, and twigs and rocks for the bad.  In belgium the holiday itself, starts a month prior.
Many of the families enjoys shopping, attending their own masses, and decorate the home head to toe with string lights and attractive decor such as a festive christmas tree. Christmas banquets are also a must in the Belgium traditions.
On Christmas Eve, “Le Reveillon de noel”, a special meal is consumed by family and close friends. Closing off for dessert, the people of belgium have fancied a cake made to resemble the Yule Log is often stuffed with different fillings such as butter cream or fruits. The traditional Christmas breakfast the next morning, is incomplete without meats, bread, Danish pastries and  bread shaped in the form of baby Jesus and consumed on a Christmas morning. Even though the Belgium traditions of christmas are more based off Folklore, they end the holiday celebrating with one another enjoying the true spirit of Christmas. ~ Tyke Taylor

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