Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Austria Christmas traditions

      Christmas or Christmas Day is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. This day, usually taking place on December 25th. Billions across the globe celebrate this day, and some, even a little bizarre in their traditions.

     Austria is known to share many christmas time traditions with Germany, which is understandable considering how close they are too each other. However, Austria has some Christmas traditions of their own. Similar to the U.S., every city in Austria will have a large christmas tree in the town square. These trees are most formally dressed with gold and silver ornaments with stars made from straw. In Austria, Christmas really starts around 4:00pm on Christmas Eve or ‘Helige Abend’. This is the first time the tree is lit and people around the city come to sing carols around the tree. The most famous carol is Silent Night or ‘Stille Nacht’, which was written in Austria in 1818. Children in Austria believe ‘Christkind’ decorates the trees. The Christkind also brings children presents on Christmas Eve. Christkind is described as a golden-haired baby, with wings, who symbolizes a new born Christ. Children in Austria believe that St. Nicholas brings presents on December 6th. They also believe St. Nicholas is accompanied by the Krampus, a big horned monster dressed in rags and carries chains. He’s meant to put fear in the children who are bad. ~ Jacob Meeks

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