Friday, November 11, 2016


Do it for the Vine
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As most of you probably already know, Twitter has decided to shut Vine down. One of the reasons for this is because Twitter is struggling to gain profits. Twitter is also letting around 350 of their employees go since they can’t make money off of it and they didn’t have enough money to keep the staff around. That is an extreme drop in staff, and it’s around 9% of their company gone.
Also, Vine can’t compete with Instagram anymore. In 2013, Instagram added a video feature into the mix. Fifteen second Instagram videos drew those who were used to the six second video to the newly changed platform. Some Viners even said that they wanted more than six seconds per video, so they decided to try Instagram’s new feature and left. Viners also left for Instagram because you could now have both videos and photos all on one social media platform.
The death of Vine will definitely be a sad one, and hopefully it can stay remembered in the meme graveyard along with Harambe, Dat Boi, and Pepe. As someone who uses Vine on a daily basis, I will greatly miss it when it gets shut down. Since we don’t know when Vine’s shut down date will be, you can still download your favorite videos while it’s still running.

-Brooke Peyton

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