Wednesday, November 9, 2016

TTG! Part 2 by Bryant Spears and David McAndrew

Previously on Foul Fridays… Extremely pointless, Stupid filler, Ridiculous titles, Eat a snickers, (*coarse language), (*Glass breaking), NO!!  And Now… Okay...let’s try to keep our cool for this one. Don’t worry, the next one isn’t rage inducing at all. It’s just extremely stupid. Alrighty then. What’s the title? La Larva de Amor. Is that Spanish? Probably, but I’m not disgracing my Spanish heritage. Understandable, let’s begin. This episode starts with milk mustaches...and the others making a competition out of it. Also, Starfire is going to Tammaran and needs the others to look after Silkie. Really? She’s leaving these clowns to take care of him? I wouldn’t even trust these guys to take care of my pet rock...not that I have one. Also jealous lover cliche, yay...NEXT! Hey Pizza!... is an oddball, to say the least. It has TWO subplots, and both of them are extremely weak. The first of them is the stupid part with Robin trying to decide whether to build a pool or a senior center. These scenes are totally pointless. The other is Beast Boy and Cyborg trying to delay a pizza guy long enough to get free pizza. It’s as boring as it sounds. Next. Gorilla… is just a stupid Robin torture episode. It revolves around Beast Boy acting like a jerk to Robin because he can turn into an “Alpha Male Silverback gorilla,” and he kicks Robin out of the Tower. It’s not funny in the slightest. Next. Girls Night Out!. Not even worth talking about. Let’s skip it and do You’re Fired!. Also Pointless super hero cameos, which include the woman who can copy any animal’s power, the guy who can fuse animals together, and The Wonder Twins. These cameos are a big hint on WHO gets fired. If you guessed Beast Boy, you win...but that’s not much considering you are watching this show. To be continued...Again. I apologize, but when the first season has 52 EPISODES to review, this can be expected.

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