Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Trump over Clinton

In my opinion, the article is biased. They made it pretty clear that they would rather have Clinton over Trump. They did this by taking up half a page of what Trump has done wrong, and a couple sentences for what lost Clinton the presidency. I didn’t like the article because Trump is our president now, and no one should be bashing him. My family and I support Trump and have since day one. If someone knew nothing about either candidate, and read this article, they would choose Clinton, and in my opinion, that’s not fair to Trump. Trump being our president now, they should’ve spoken more highly of him, because I know they would’ve if Clinton would’ve gotten the job. The majority of the media is against Trump and don’t give him a fair shot. They make it sound as if everyone is against Trump, and that’s not the case, or he wouldn’t have won. When writing an article, you are supposed to leave your opinion out of it, so others can’t tell who or what you are pulling for. If they were going to say so many bad and false things about Trump, than they should’ve done the same thing for Clinton. ~ Davanna Gargaro

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