Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thespian Points- Jey Riggs

One cool part about joining drama is the opportunity to become a thespian. In order to be inducted as a thespian, you first have to earn 10 points, which means 100 hours of theater work. (each point represents 10 hours). This can be done by participating in a play. A common misconception is that the best way to acquire points is by acting in the plays. The most points you can get from acting is 8, if you are casted as a major role and the play is full length (two acts), and the minimum is 1 if you are a understudy, walk-on, chorus, or dancer in a one act play. However, there are several other methods of getting your ten points. Being an usher, being a part of the ticket crew, or even handing out programs will grant you points. Also, you earn a decent amount of points for being part of the technical crew (I would know). After you are inducted, there’s no sense in not trying to earn more points. When you obtain 60 points, you become an honor thespian. At 180 points, you’re considered an international thespian! Besides that, being involved in drama is really just a great time and will introduce you to many great people and opportunities.

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