Thursday, November 17, 2016

Lady Warrior Interview- Shamaria Hankerson and Felicia Graham

Interview with Mr. George:
The Westside Lady warriors play Truman tomorrow night. How do you think it will go?
“They will be excited for that volleyball game; they've got Truman's coach which was her last year, and so that’s always good when you go to see a familiar face. They were successful earlier this year when they play them so I expect nothing less from them
Did you enjoy the football game last friday night?
“The football team is playing very well right now and we are putting up a lot of points. We’re keeping other teams from scoring and the coaching rule is a great combination so they are having a very successful season themselves this year.”
How do you think the upcoming football game is going to go?
“This upcoming game is going to be important against Highland, so it would be very Key for the rest of our season to have a good start with that and they had some early success with them last year but they were not able to hold on to that league but I know with the success we’ve had early this year it's going to go well for them.”
Is there any important events that you are looking forward to sportswise, schoolwide, etc?
“I’m into sports just whatever I can get to come watch myself. I love being a former coach so all the way around this year our sports are having a tremendous season.”
Do you miss coaching?
“I don’t know yet. Ask me again November, December and I might have an answer for ya but as of right now I have not got to experience not being in a game yet so I will have a different answer later.”

Interview with Coach Clark:
Who do you play tonight?
How do you think the game will go?
“Well we’ve lost the last couple and we’ve won a game in the middle of a match and then we can’t finish it and so I am really looking forward to us playing to the end and finishing it too.”
What are you looking to improve on ?
“Communication..we are doing several drills today that is all about communication. I’ve found some great team drills and it’s gonna be great and then i'm gonna put up 6 blockers across the net and my hitters are gonna have to hit through them or hit around them but they cannot tip over them or hit over them.”
Do you have any strategies for tomorrow night?
“The biggest plan is to work as a team and be unified because we have one player that talks forever, she does a great job but nobody else can and I don’t know it's because they can’t do 2 things at one, yunno the have to be so focused on the play that they can’t talk at the same time.That’s what they are going to work on so I hope that tomorrow night we can come around.”
Do you have any injured players?
Will any egos or attitudes get in your way of tomorrow's night game.
“No I don’t think we have any egos and attitudes, I think the problem is that we are just on an island out there. We have 6 islands, yunno and they are all a man by themselves on  the island. We just need Tom Hanks with that volleyball and we will be ok because we don’t have the attitudes I just see the islands.”
Interview with Z:
So what's the grossest injury you’ve ever seen?
“Uhh.. the grossest injury i’ve ever seen wasn’t even at Westside. It was when I was an athletic training student at Arkansas State. One of the football players during a game ended up breaking his shin bone and the bone right next to it was sticking out of his skin. That was awesome!”
So how do you think the volleyball game is going to go against Truman tomorrow night?
“I think we are gunna win, duh!”
How do you think football is going to go Friday night against Highland?
“We’re gonna win, duh!”
Any upcoming games you’re especially looking forward to?
“Any of our Brookland games. For any sport. I learned my lesson that Brookland is always going to be an interesting game no matter what sport it is. And I would probably say Truman is another one. I think it has to do with the distance since we are not so far away. I think fans make a big difference”.

Interview with Mr. Graham:
So the Lady Warriors play Truman tomorrow night at Truman, so how do you think that game is going to go?
“I think we are gunna win. Because my mom works at Truman;she's the superintendent over there. I loveee beating Truman. It’s one of my favorite activities. And we beat them last time pretty handedly, so I think we can do it again.”
What did you think of the football game last Friday night?
“That was an impressive win. I was excited to have two in a row like that. We held them good on defense and scored a lot of points. I think Tyke Taylor stepped up and had a really good game because he was everywhere on the ball and the quarterback, Mr. Yearta is doing a spectacular job. I mean three touchdown passes, that's pretty impressive.”
Anyone else you notice doing an awesome job?
“In volleyball, I think Emery Davis is doing a spectacular job. She is just killing the ball. I think the ball is just going to stick into the court every time she hits it. And Laura as well if she would just stay focused and jump as high as she can. She could probably hit it on the ten foot line.”
Any upcoming events you are excited about?
“Homecoming is going to be amazing. We’re gonna have a huge community pep rally, flag football game, and a bunch of fun activities on that Thursday. Then we are going to have a huge class reunion each decade is going to be represented and have a tent for them. So it’s gonna be fun. You should tell your parents to come if they graduated from Westside.”

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