Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Dino trapped in mud

Construction workers found a rare fossil of a birdlike dinosaur called Tongtianlong Limosus while blasting out the surrounding land. This happened near Ganzhou in Southern China. Paleontologist Stephen Brusatte of the University of Edinburgh in Scotland said, “They very nearly blew this thing to smithereens.”
This prehistoric beauty lived around 72 million to 66 million years ago.  This species is one of the six oviraptorosaur species. This species means that they had feathery leather hide, long claws, crest, beak, and were mostly meat eaters. This species could range from turkey size to being 8 meters long and 1.4 tons in weight. In our time, this would be like a huge nightmarish emu.

This birdlike creature (Much like the turkey! Gobble gobble 🦃) was preserved in a bed of reddish purple mudstone. The fossil is positioned with its wings spread, neck arched, and its head stuck out. This means that it possibly died while trying to escape the mud pit it was stuck in. This was how the dinosaur got its name meaning, “muddy dragon on the road to heaven” from a mix of Chinese Pinyin and Latin. -Emily Diamond