Friday, November 18, 2016

Children living in extreme air pollution

We all know that air pollution has become a major problem in recent years, but now more than 300 million children live in areas with severe air pollution. Severe air pollution can be as much as six times the international guidelines. A new study using satellite data, indicates that almost 90% of the world’s children are living in places where air pollution exceeds the World Health Organization (WHO). Experts have warned people that global air pollution has contributed to  600,000 child deaths a year.
Air pollution is the biggest environmental health hazard, with toxic levels rising 8% in the last five years. As many as 3 million people a year die by air pollution and six people every minute on average. What is startling is that this number may double by 2050, due to the expansion of inner cities. The reason that children are at more of a risk than adults is because they breathe more rapidly than adults, and the cell layer in their lungs is more permeable to pollution particles. ~ Brandon Smith


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