Thursday, November 17, 2016

Caine- Jadelyn Vignoe

Caine was an Indian child, who was born in the 1600s. His parents were killed by the fierce village that lived near them who believed, at the time, that Indians were Devil worshipers. There was only one survivor in that tribe who saved Caine. Her name was Himmat, and she was only 7. She fed him and took care of him as a mother would. She taught him to talk, and walk. When Caine was 6 years old, Caine died of a terrible disease called Epidemic Typhus or Camp Fever. Himmat cried and cried until she couldn’t take it anymore. She hung herself in the tent that Caine died in.
In present time now, There is a little girl who lives in Jonesboro, Arkansas and goes to school at Westside. Her name is Cadence. She is an only child and is only 7 years old. Everyone thinks she’s a freak and doesn’t belong there, even her messed up parents. Cadence was lonely, and thought everyday that she would never find happiness. Well, when she was walking home from school one day, on a foggy,cold day, she saw a little shadowy figure hiding from her behind a tree. Cadence thought that it was just a little kid playing with her, so she didn’t pay much mind to it. She kept walking until another shadow figure was standing on the sidewalk just looking at her, but this time it wasn’t the same little shadow, it was a taller shadow figure. Cadence stopped and yelled with a trembling voice, “Who are you?” She didn’t know where to run. She looked behind her to see if the other shadow figure was there, but there was nothing there but a line of trees and houses. She turned back to where the tall shadow figure was, but no one was there either. Cadence ran and ran until she finally got home. She ran inside and locked the door.
The next day, walking home she saw the shadows again except this time the little shadow turned into a little boy, who appeared to be an Indian boy. “Caine!” yelled a faint women’s voice. She looked around for the woman who was yelling Caine, but it was only her, the trees, the sidewalk, and this “child.” Cadence stood there shaking. She felt as if someone has poured a bucket of ice down her shirt. The little boy walked up to Cadence, put out his hand and said, “Hi. My name is Caine. Wanna play?” Cadence screamed and ran so fast, that even the most fastest track racer couldn’t even catch up to her. When she got in her house, she ran upstairs to her room and laid in her bed with the covers over her head. All the lights were on and she could see that through the blanket. She looked up and stared at the light coming through the blanket. Everything was quiet except the sound of the rushing beat of her heart. Then, all of a sudden, a little hand popped up above her blanket where her head was and started pressing down trying to grab her. She couldn’t scream because she knew if she did then it would know that she was there. She started crying. The next thing you know, the blanket was thrown off of her. A gasp came from her and she sat straight up. The same little boy, that was on the sidewalk, was standing there in front of her bed. The boy had stringy hair, a big nose, and a kilt, or skirt on. He seemed to be friendly. “Hi, I’m Caine.” Cadence didn’t know what to do. She just looked at the little boy strangely and said with a stutter, “Umm..hi Caine. name is Cadence.” Caine jumped on her bed like he already knew her for along time. She scooted even closer to her headboard. Caine asked if she wanted to play. Cadence didn’t want to. She sat there and thought of some kind of excuse so he would just leave. “I have too much homework I have to do. I can not play.” Caine became furious and his eyes turned a blood red. “Why does nobody love me?!” Cain screamed at Cadence. She ran out the door in fear. She started crying. She didn’t know where to go. She hid in the pantry closet in the kitchen. Caine looked for her. He finally found her. “You will join me and feel what I feel.”
For the past 5 years, Cadence has been missing. Nobody has no idea where she was, or if she was even alive. Nobody really cared. They were too busy being snobby and trying to fit in. The police and teachers didn't notice. Cadence and Caine just roamed around this town, and continue to roam around until they find happiness and are free.

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