Thursday, November 17, 2016

Article by Nathan Coggins

The Technique of Trap Image result for 25 straight trap
By: Nathan Coggin

    Trapshooting can be a very competitive sport. A wise man told me, “Your gun will be the cheapest thing that you will ever buy in this sport.” This statement has become very true to me and my parents when the thought of buying a fourteen hundred dollar gun almost made me and my parents pass out at the thought of  paying that much for a gun that would  be shooting no more than little orange targets!
But there is so much more than big money in the “special” trap guns and the “special” HD shooting glasses used in the sport to “improve” your score! It has so many good qualities such as getting kids and parents involved in a sport. Also if you're not the active type to get out and  play basketball, baseball, or volleyball, etc., you may want to try trapshooting! But the best thing in my opinion is that you have a so called other family in the trap team that you might not be able to get in any other situation.
I think that trapshooting has changed my life tremendously in just the short time that I have been on the team, and I think that any of you who are open to trying something new would fall in love with the sport just as I have!

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