Friday, October 28, 2016

Westside VS. Harrisburg

The game started off very slow for our offence, only scoring 14 points in the first half. But our defense was as impenetrable as the Great Wall of China. The Harrisburg offence had negative 59 yards in the first half with their longest run of the night coming off a fake punt that only got 10 yards--with our defence stopping them long enough for our offence to get rolling. We scored every time we got the ball enacting the mercy rule at 35-0. With the clock continuing to run and some bizarre penalties, the final score was 42-0. Our defense held Harrisburg's offence to negative 79 yards for the entire game.

          Our next task at hand is to go to Gosnell on their senior night and get a win on their home turf. We know it’s not going to be as easy as the last 3 games, but it’s going to be a dogfight from the very beginning. We are still competing for a conference title.    --Austin Tyler   

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