Thursday, October 6, 2016

Virtual reality

Scientists have taken virtual reality to a whole new level. With the new implements of looking at the life of an animal through its eyes, it raises the question, will this affect how livestock and coral are treated? This new experiment allowed people to jump into the world of an animal being loaded onto a truck. The people were supposed to walk through a pasture while being poked by cattle prods and loaded onto a truck. As the coral, volunteers were looking at the coral reef and watched as acid was dumped into the ocean and saw the reef decay and break away.
The study found that the people who played the game were more connected to nature rather than the people that just sat and watched others play. The aim for this study was to show people how humans' actions have deadly reactions to other animals and lifeforms. With this new tool, experts are able to show in a matter of minutes what could happen in so many years if humans keep hurting the environment. After playing the game, people were asked how they felt and experts got many responses that said,” I never looked at it that way.” ~ Brandon Smith

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