Monday, October 3, 2016

The Road to Dallas- Nathan Coggins

Image result for jfk love field Mr. and Mrs. John Kennedy walking to the limousine

The day started off as any other day as a president traveling to win the vote of thousands of people to have a second term in office. He would spend his morning in Fort Worth, TX speaking in the rain and would later board the Air Force One to go to Love Airport in Dallas, TX  to get in a limousine with governor Connolly and his wife and drive through the heart of Dallas.The 40 minute ride would seem normal to the president, but this one would be different. Upon arrival at Love Airfield, the governor's wife would give Mrs. Kennedy red roses because all of the flower shops would be out of the state's flower-- the yellow rose. The president and his wife would ride in the very back of the limousine, and the governor and his wife would ride in the middle. The route started at 11:50 AM and would consist of about an eight mile pass through the main part of Dallas. The end would be the most devastating part of the day. At approximately 12:30 PM, JFK was being raced to Parkland Hospital where he would later be pronounced dead.
Later on, President Lyndon B. Johnson would be sworn in as the 36th president of the United  
States. In just an hour's time the deathly bullet was fired; the president was pronounced dead; the    
nation was rocked, and history would be changed forever. Mr. John F. Kennedy is still remembered 
to this day ranking as one of the best presidents that this torn nation has and will ever have.

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