Sunday, October 9, 2016

Senior Quote of the Week by Emily Proffitt

This is our football season. Let me mention this is our LAST high school football season. I’m sure we all love going to our football games, cheering for our players every time they tackle the opponent. Even when they make a touchdown in the last seconds of the game.
This brings us together as one. This lifts our spirits up. We all have the most pep of the whole entire school it seems, and we want to make this last year for us our best year.

We love the nights when we all get together and raise our voices to recognize our school and our football players. We love the nights when we all come together as a whole. It really means something for us; it’s our last year as high schoolers. It’s our last year to be together. It’s our last year to watch our players work their hardest to make their year the best year that they have played.
“Those Friday nights at those hometown games… Man, they mean everything.”

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