Sunday, October 9, 2016


Raney Minton Student Interview
For our first student interview, I interviewed Raney Minton. Raney is a freshman this year, and she has been going to Westside since kindergarden. This year for her electives she took Theater 1, Spanish 1, athletics, and Student Council. Out of all her classes, Student Council is by far her favorite. I asked Raney how she felt about block scheduling and she said “It has some kinks but I think it's a good way to allow students to take more classes.” Raney is involved in Golf, Softball, Student Council, and Quiz Bowl. She doesn’t have a favorite teacher, instead she likes any teacher that can make her laugh. She likes all types of music, but her favorite band is Fall Out Boy. Her favorite tv show is Supernatural and she's a big fan of the St. Louis Cardinals. Outside of school her favorite thing to do is sleep(lol), and she has two siblings, a brother and a sister.
-Brooke P.


  1. Raney is the

  2. This article was very very well written and I'm so excited about the student interviews

  3. This article was very well written and I'm super excited about the student interviews