Sunday, October 9, 2016

My brother and I playing in the leaves when we were younger.autumn.jpgfall.jpg
< Hot chocolate, from a cafe. ^Leaves falling as the sun shines down.
A grandfather helping his grandson carve pumpkins for Halloween.
A group of children dressed up for Halloween: vampire, pirate, skeleton pirate, and two little witches.

Autumn ~ A poem by Jaycee Hughes.
As the days grow short
And the leaves fade slowly to  brown
The air turns crisp
And cooler each day.
As each leaf changes color
And falls gracefully onto the ground
Kids run through the piles
And sip hot cocoa later that night.
As the pumpkins grew
And children have waited so impatiently
It is now time to pick one, two, maybe three
And decorate them with silly or spooky faces.
As families gather in the family room
And the children bundle in the floor
Scary movie marathons
With sweet Halloween treats and warm cocoa.
As couples walk through the dark house
And men dressed up as zombies and ghouls jump out
She screams as they reach out for her
Yet her pulls her close to keep her safe.
As the sun sets on this special night
And porch lights come on with candy bowls filled
Children of all ages crowd streets dressed as all sorts of creatures
This is All Hallow’s Eve, fun night for all young or old.

{This is what fall time means to me in a small summary. It is my favorite season, and I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I do when you read this and see what I see in this beautiful season.}
Sites used: Christy Hughes took the two pictures.