Monday, October 3, 2016

Megan Ferguson interview with Matthew Fort

I got the chance to interview Matthew Fort! You may know him, if you listen to the morning announcements. Every single morning he is doing the morning announcements, and he does an amazing job! He always has a smile on his face, and he is such a nice and funny guy! When it comes to singing, musicals, and plays, I have always looked up to him because he is so great at acting and singing!
Matthew has been singing ever since he could make noise. He is also in choir with me, and in choir he really loves the harmony and the blend. His musical inspirations are Mumford and Sons, The Civil Wars, James Bay, Patrick Watson, The Jackson 5, and Anthem Lights. Matthew has said that Anthem Lights put on the best concert that he has ever been to besides seeing NeedToBreathe.
If you are a beginner who is nervous, Matthew said that nerves happen and to just sing out if you know your music. I asked Matthew if he gets nervous before going on stage, and he said, “The last breath I take before I start to sing is always a little shaky, but then you just kinda have to do it, ya know?”
Mat is always singing with Logan Tribble and Kiley Dement, and music is something that all of them love.
I asked Matthew, “What is your memory of your favorite performance?” Matthew answered, “So my favorite performance would either be at State assessment last year when we sang 'Who’ll Be A Witness'- IT'S SUCH A GOOD SONG! It helps that we got a Sweepstakes awards for it! Or it would be at graduation last year singing one last time with all my boys (Juan, Matthew Quill, Jordan Kellum, and Josh Thompson)! That performance had such a purity to our sound, and it’s one thing to sing a song; it’s another to paint a picture with music, which is really what we did that day!”
In the future Matthew wants to still have a sense of adventure and a light heart. He would also love to visit Sydney, Australia. I asked Mat, “Is there a Broadway musical that you would like to act in?” Matthew responded, “I love "Hamilton," "Phantom," or even "Lion King." I would definitely be the Cat in the Hat for "Seussical" for old times sake!”
Finally, I asked Matthew, “What teacher in school made the most impact on you and why?” Mat said, “That’s a hard one; I’ve had great teachers throughout all of my school experience. As far as for the most impact on my life and character, that would go to Mr. Miller. I’ve never met someone with such a heart to serve others and who is really wise on how to deal with people!”

That was a very fun interview, and I am glad I got to interview Matthew Fort! Make sure to catch him in the upcoming play “Asylum.”

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