Thursday, October 6, 2016

Lauren Daigle

“There’s a continuing theme on this record-trust. My heart's cry is that people feel empowered as a body of Christ. It’s just heavy on my heart for all of us to rise up in unity and recognize the goodness of God. My hope is that people are empowered by knowing who they belong to, knowing that they are the son or daughter of God, and in response to that being able to worship fully, worship with complete abandon.” -Lauren Daigle
Lauren Daigle grew up in Louisiana where the region's music was blues, country, and cajun, which inspired her music career. She almost put music on the back burner until an illness put her life in perspective. “It honestly was one of the best things that had happened to me. I was a sophomore living life and having a blast. Then there was a big halt. Because my illness was an immune deficiency, anything that was airborne, I’d catch it. If any friends were sick. I couldn't be around them, so going to school became off limits.” -Lauren Daigle
When Lauren was young, she sang around the house all the time and thought at that age she would go into the medical field, but things changed. “The Lord began to just pour in passion for music, singing and writing songs,” she said. She was an American Idol contender and sang on an EP a local band was recording. Later, she had a deal with Centricity Music. Produced by Paul Mabury, Daigle’s song “How Can It Be” was a big hit along with “Trust In You.” ~ Keeley Hester


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