Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Interview with Mr. George by Shamaria Hankerson and Felicia Graham

The Westside Lady warriors play Truman tomorrow night. How do you think it will go?
“They will be excited for that volleyball game; they've got Truman's coach which was her last year, and so that’s always good when you go to see a familiar face. They were successful earlier this year when they played them, so I expect nothing less from them."
Did you enjoy the football game last Friday night?
“The football team is playing very well right now and we are putting up a lot of points. We’re keeping other teams from scoring and the coaching rule is a great combination, so they are having a very successful season themselves this year.”
How do you think the upcoming football game is going to go?
“This upcoming game is going to be important against Highland, so it would be very key for the rest of our season to have a good start with that, and they had some early success with them last year, but they were not able to hold on to that league but I know with the success we’ve had early this year it's going to go well for them.”
Is there any important events that you are looking forward to sports-wise, school-wise, etc?
“I’m into sports, just whatever I can get to come watch myself. I love being a former coach so all the way around this year our sports are having a tremendous season.”
Do you miss coaching?

“I don’t know yet. Ask me again November, December and I might have an answer for you but as of right now I have not got to experience not being in a game yet, so I will have a different answer later.”

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