Sunday, October 9, 2016

Foul Friday's review of Dragon Spirit by Bryant Spears and David McAndrew

  Quick question, does anyone here remember Namco ©? You know, Pac-man? They made a few good arcade games back when they existed!  Well, It seems that they made a bad game! Can you believe it? Well, today we are going to be tackling Dragon Spirit, OH no! Wait? David? What are you doing here!? I hate that game!!!!!!!!!!!! Uhh...Ok, I guess this is a collab now….Ok let’s begin by trying to pop “Dragon Zit”  Anyway you play as a soldier named Amul, who transforms into a blue dragon to fight against Zawell, and nine of his mightiest beasts. It starts with-it's a 2d vertical shooter-a half decent animation scene, which quickly cuts to you being swarmed by fire breathing enemies both in the air and on the ground. There are more enemies here then there are roaches invading my house. What’s worse, the enemies can only be hit by one of two attacks: fire blast, your air fire, or your fire bomb, your ground fire. That’s not too bad, you just fire both at the same time. You wish! You can only fire one at a time, and there’s what I call “recoil” meaning it takes a full second to attack again unless you spam the fire button. The enemies will even shoot fire at you, which means you have to have insane reflexes just to avoid being hit. Hmm…. reminds me of the survival missions on time. But, my question is what happens once you manage to beat all the enemies? I don’t know. Just because I've played the stupid game doesn’t mean I’ve beaten it. As I said you get swarmed first level. The only sort of breather you get is when you DIE! Ok so it’s like Mighty No. 9, only on steroids? Worse. I don’t even want to imagine what that is like. Anyway, I am Bryant Spears, and this has been Foul Friday’s review of Dragon Spirit, and remember, if you play a game with rose-colored glasses on, please take them off and play it again.