Monday, October 3, 2016

FFA- Jade Vignoe

FFA is one of the biggest agricultural organizations in the world. It is a fun and very interesting experience. FFA members have many choices of events. The events out of school are livestock judging, FFA auction, national convention, leadership camps, and judging and leadership competitions. FFA also has many interesting events dealing with the school. They are the food drive with Student Council and Ag. Awareness Day at the elementary (with a petting zoo).
FFA can benefit students in many ways. It can help you become more sociable by making you not afraid to talk to new and random people. Another way it can help you become a better person is by teaching responsibilities and by giving students a better understanding of where your food comes from plus the importance of agriculture in our area and society. Lastly, FFA awards millions of dollars each year to students through scholarships and proficiency.
Each year FFA has different FFA officials or officers. This year the FFA officials are Hunter Jarman as President, Gillian Chadwick as Vice President, Benn Step as Secretary, Blane Baugh- Treasurer, Bailey Tosh- Reporter, Taylor Burdyshaw- Sentinel, and Gabby Edison- Jr. Advisor. They are chosen by our two best agriculture teachers Mr. Parks and Mr. Wells. They have about 305 students in agri, and they plan to have 150 or so in FFA. It has doubled this year, and they hope that it increases even more. So if you are in an ag. class, I do really hope you join FFA, and even if you are not in an ag. class, I encourage you to join because you will absolutely LOVE IT!
Some might wonder what Mr. Parks and Mr. Wells are like? Well, Mr. Parks is a very funny, caring, and sarcastic guy that knows a lot about his agriculture. He was in FFA for four years in high school. When he graduated high school, he went to ASU where he was a collegiate FFA for another four years. He has been an FFA advisor for fourteen years now. WOW!! Mr. Parks absolutely enjoys FFA. He loves watching his FFA students and other students grow into mature and responsible adults.
What about Mr. Wells? Well, Mr. Wells is just as nice and funny as Mr. Parks. He joined FFA in 8th grade, which was FOREVER AGO, the poor guy! He has been active with FFA ever since. At least he loves it and hopes to see and show you how FFA can change your life.
FFA competitions are year round. They have leadership contests in November and December. Then they have livestock competitions in the summer, fall, and spring. FFA also has Career Development events in the spring.
Students that are interested in joining FFA, (know that) it is a great organization and totally worth it. There are so many activities on so many levels to fit everyone.  I encourage you to talk to someone that is active in FFA, and they can tell you all the awesome opportunities.  You do not have to have an ag background or experience to join FFA or to take an ag. classes.” - Mr. Parks and Mr. Wells.  

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