Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Today with modern innovations, technology grows every day. Drones are becoming very popular and many people have them. But there are many people today that have problems with illegal airspace on their properties. They do not like drones invading their privacy on their land. So there have been several companies to develop devices to take down drones. The first is an electromagnetic device which is shaped like a gun from the future. It gives you physical control over a drone in mid flight. The second is a gas powered projectile launcher that resembles a potato cannon with chrome on it. It launches a net that wraps around a drone and takes it to the ground. The third is a drone that is adapted to be fast and strong. It is equipped with a net launcher that can engage in aerial combat with other drones. The fourth is eagles, falcons, and hawks that are trained to take down drones. These birds are natural aerial hunters and are perfect for the job. These are the dog fights of the 21st century. ~ Zachary Norwood

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