Monday, October 3, 2016

Behind the scenes: how sprinkles are made

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Here is a photo of how rainbow sprinkles are made. It is taken from footage of “How It’s Made” on the Science Channel. It shows the process of  how pink sprinkles are made then added to a batch of other colorful sprinkles.

No matter the time or season, ice cream is eaten and enjoyed by billions of people all over the world. For this milky cold treat, what wouldn’t be a better topping than sprinkles? But ice cream isn't the only thing you can enjoy these colorful and fun sprinkles with. Other treats like colorful cookies, creative cakes, and even delicious donuts can be made billions of times better with sprinkles. Sprinkles make any treats for celebrations, or even normal days, super fun and really tasty too. But, have you ever wondered how rainbow sprinkles are really made?

Sprinkles are made one color at a time, in the video below they chose to show the process in which pink sprinkles are made. Next a worker adds shortening into a mixing tank. Then the water in the mixing tank is heated and the solution is mixed together. In another mixer, a worker adds powdered sugar and different shades of food coloring so that it can get its pink color. Next, the water and shortening solution is added to the powdered sugar and food color mix. After that, the lid on the machine is closed, and everything gets mixed together. After about fifteen minutes, the mixing is done; its result is a type of pink dough. This dough is then added onto a conveyor belt and pushed into a chute by a worker. It is then put on another conveyor belt and moved toward an extruder, and it falls through small holes.
After the dough goes through the extruder, it comes out, falling onto a conveyor belt, looking like the long strands in the photo above. In order to make sure the final product comes out right, the room is kept at a constant temperature. The temperature and the moving on the conveyor belt dries the soon-to-become sprinkles. It then falls into a tunnel and into a pail. In order to make sure it’s dried, workers check the dough. If all checks out, the sprinkle dough in the pail gets thrown into a tumbler. In the tumbler, the dough gets broken up into smaller sizes, and after about ten minutes carnauba wax is added to keep the sprinkles from leaking color. After all this, the pink sprinkles are added to a tumbler with other brightly colored sprinkles and are mixed for five minutes. And that's how sprinkles are made!

If you wish to learn more about how sprinkles are made in a factory, visit the link below for a video.
-Brooke Peyton

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