Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Westside V.S Marked Tree

We knew coming into the game Friday night that we had a big task at hand, shutting down their run game and their explosive plays. Before the game,we all set goals that we had to reach not only as individuals but as a team, and if we didn’t reach our individual goals or our team goals,we had a punishment. Our team goal was to hold their offence to 200 yards rushing and 100 yards passing, and if we let them do so,we as a team had 10 hills for everything they achieved.
We lost the toss,but they elected to defer, so we got the ball in the first half. We scored on our opening drive with a touchdown by Tyke Taylor from 5 yards out. Our defence stopped them on their opening drive, but they also stopped us on our next drive,so we had to punt. The next play on defence we recovered a fumble. We marched down to the 50 yard line when Will Yerda aired out a pass to Austin Tyler for a 50 yard touchdown to put us up 14-0. They scored their next drive stopping the clock with 55 seconds left. They attempted an onside kick but failed but knocking 5 seconds of the clock. We went down to the 30 yard line with 5 seconds left on the clock. Coach called a timeout to stop the clock and told us on the sideline that we had to score to get the momentum back coming out of halftime. We had a pass play called with Austin Tyler and Hunter Scott going out for a pass. Will Yerda threw the ball up to Hunter for a 20 yard touchdown to bump the score up 21-6.
  We went down and scored two more times with a 30 yard touchdown pass to Austin Tyler and a 25 yard bull run by Garrett Robinson putting us up 35-6. We are coming off a two game win streak coming into conference play. Our first conference game is against Highland on our home turf. And we expect to keep this win streak going and to make a statement to the rest of the conference. ~ Austin Tyler

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