Monday, September 12, 2016


I’m going start this article by writing about what transpired before the game. We had a pep rally before the game, and I made a speech about how everyone should come out and support not only us out on the field but a little boy named Tucker Ward. Tucker is a very special kid. He has a rare disease that is life threatening, and the life expectancy is only 7 years old. Tucker is now 8 years old and is still fighting for his life. In my speech I said, "We may go out every Friday night with the word Warriors on our chest, but Tucker is a Warrior every day because he is fighting for his life.” Tucker got to be an honorary team captain and carry out the game ball. I believe that having Tucker come see us before the game and him being with us during the game really gave us confidence to fight through our pain in the game and also to win the game for him. We won the toss and elected to receive and to defend the clock. The opening kickoff, Kody Anderson returned it for a 60yd return to open the game. Our defense was an impenetrable barrier to the Hoxie offense. We marched down the field when Garrett Robinson broke away for a 20yd touchdown. Our defense once again got another stop. We again went down the field and I (Austin Tyler) scored a 30yd touchdown from Will Yerda. Our defense was the best it's ever been, holding the Hoxie offense to zero points. Our offense could have beaten anyone that night, going down the field and scoring 40 points.
          Our next game is against Marked Tree, and they are coming off a massive win against Harrisburg, winning 60 to 20, but I believe if we come out and play like I know we can, then it will be another Hoxie game. -- Austin Tyler

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