Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Westside V.S Highland

The game started off as a battle of the offenses scoring on both of our opening drives. On our kick, off the unthinkable happened and our returner fumbled the ball giving it back to Highland. We then went into halftime with a score of us 14 and Highland 12, but they were getting the ball back in the second half. As the game went on, they jumped up 25 to 14. People thought the game was over, but we keep fighting and fighting. Will Yerda threw a pass to Austin Tyler to make the score 20 to 25, but we went for 2 and was successful bumping up the score to 22 to 25. We kicked an onside, and we recovered the ball with just over a minute remaining on the clock. The crowd went insane with a massive uproar and cheer. It was the loudest football game I’ve ever been in or ever been to. We went all the way down to the 20 yard line with 22 seconds on the clock with one time out, but we didn’t want to waste it; we were going to spike it to stop the clock. We lined up to spike it, but one of Highland's lineman was offsides and the refs didn’t call it; the lineman that was offsides hit the ball causing us to fumble the ball and ending the game. It was devastating. We worked so hard to come back from that large of a deficit and for it to all be thrown away in a blink of an eye was heartbreaking. But that will not stop the best warrior team from competing in every game we play and playing for a conference championship. We take on the Truman Wildcats on Friday, September 30. ~ Austin Tyler

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