Monday, September 19, 2016

War is Not Peace- Nathan Coggins

             As you can see below four american servicemen carrying out a wounded soldierImage result for vietnam war in color
                 To safety after being hit by grenade shrapnel 1969-1971 time period

The sounds of war still dance in their heads to the machine gun dance; the AK-47s almost sound like a long lost friend and the mortars all still exploding, the screaming men yelling for their lives sounds so faint now because all the men can think about is to get out of this alive. Some died and some came back to be with their families, but the ones that have not returned will always be in the memories of America.
As we look back on the effect that the Vietnam War left on our nation as a whole, we’re reminded of how so many brave young men were drafted into a war that would later mean not much to the United States.  After the service men would soon return home in the spring of 1975, no respect would be given to the military because a lot of people thought that the war was senseless. Even in the scheme of  things the men who fought and died over in Vietnam and the ones who returned home had no part of being respected because the American people, “didn't think that the war was right and wanted peace.”
The gruesome memories are plenty: of seeing people getting blown to shreds by IEDs or ripped in half by an enemy machine gun, or maybe the thought that a person who had kids and a wife to go back to and had gotten killed on their last day out in the field. These thoughts still haunt these brave men who have fought for the right to be called a free "American. As we look at pictures as the one above ,you can see the many, many days of pain, exhaustion, sorrow, regret, and depression of these soldiers who had to carry one of what they knew as their best friend that is now lost to the enemy and not to be talked to or seen ever again.


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