Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Superior Earbuds

For the past few years, smartphones have come with a pair of earbuds exclusive to the brand of phone. Apple beat Samsung to the punch with their iconic EarPods along with their iPhone 5. They quickly became popular amongst loyal iPhone users. What made these headphones such a big deal was the convenient ear shape. However, I and many other people found the earphones to be rather painful to use in the ear, as if putting rocks in your ears. Despite the shape, I found the hard plastic of the earbuds to be uncomfortable. Admittedly, they were better than the original earbuds that Apple sold with their devices. However, they were still rather disappointing considering all of the hype. I eventually stored my pair away in a drawer out of disappointment. A year later, I decided that I actually hated Apple phones and invested in a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. In the box, there were a pair of white earbuds. They had several similarities with the Apple pair, however they had a thin, soft rubber covering the buds. This only increased my excitement over the new, superior phone. After getting adjusted to the feel and use of the phone, I tried the headphones. Not only did they offer the most comfortable listening experience, but they had an exceptional sound quality. Since then, I have only used my Samsung earbuds. They are definitely the best quality earbuds out there.-Jey Riggs

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