Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The prehistoric chameleon

Scientists discovered a new prehistoric animal that would’ve lived 120-133 million years ago. This creature is called the Chinese Psittacosaurus, meaning “parrot-lizard” after their parrot shaped beak, and they were roughly the size of a Labrador dog. It was 5 feet long, a plant eater, lived in the forest, and had long bristly filaments above the tail. This dinosaur is thought to have had the ability to change the color of its skin, or camouflage, when they wanted to. This creature used a type of camouflage called counter-shading, which is when the bottom side turns lightly colored, while the upper side turns darker. This makes the it look flat and confuse its predators. This is a defense mechanism that prevented them from being hunted and eaten. -Emily Diamond

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