Thursday, September 22, 2016

The history of candy corn by Brooke Peyton

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Ranked first on most lists of worst Halloween candies ever, hated all over the country. The question is… Why does everyone absolutely HATE candy corn? As an avid candy corn lover, I have always been confused as to why no one else loved candy corn as much as I. So, hopefully the following 5 facts about everything candy corn will help you guys maybe like it a LITTLE more.

  1. Candy corn is “something worth crowing for”
Candy corn was first advertised as candy called “chicken feed” in the 1800’s. It was named this because early chicken food was actually corn. Back then “chicken feed” was only available as a seasonal candy from March to November since it was so hard to manufacture.

  1. There's even candy corn for every season
There is different colored candy corn for other holidays such as “Bunny Corn” for Easter, “Cupid Corn” for Valentine’s Day, “Reindeer Corn” for Christmas, “Freedom Corn” for the 4th of July, and “Indian Corn” for Thanksgiving.

  1. A treat that “all children love to nibble on all year long”
In early candy corn ads, candy corn was marketed as a summertime candy, not for Halloween. In some ads, candy corn was placed next to summer foods like orange slices and jelly beans.

  1. Number one seller
The number one candy corn seller is Branch’s. But what's also cool is that candy corn is the “most talked about of Halloween candies” according to the NetBase company.

  1. Jelly Belly candy corn
The longest running candy corn manufacturer is Jelly Belly. They are the same company that makes jelly beans too. It has been making candy corn longer than any company that is still running today.

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