Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The History of AC/DC

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The great band AC/DC formed in the early years of November 1973 when Malcolm and Angus Young formed the band and recruited the bassist Larry Van Kriedt. When they first started, the lead singer of AC/DC was a man that went by the name of Dave Evans. Shortly after they started the band in 1973,they had to get a new lead singer, and they did just that. Dave Evans was the lead singer for about one year before they held auditions for another one, and Bon Scott rocked the auditions and got the job.
   Shortly after that, Bon Scott passed away from choking on his own vomit, the whole entire band felt lugubrious for a while after his death. However, the world loved AC/DC and wanted to hear more, so once again they held auditions for another lead singer. The year was 1980, a man named Brian Johnson stepped into the recording studio to audition. At this point the band was really trying hard to find that next big sound for AC/DC. Needless to say Brian Johnson blew their minds at the audition, and Brian said himself, “ I don’t exactly remember the audition, but I know it was the best feeling I have ever felt”. Let's get more up to date now as we go into the twenty-first century. At this point Brian was the lead singer for 37 years.
Just recently Brian Johnson has had to leave AC/DC sadly because of a hearing problem. He has spent nearly four decades up on stage bringing the world rock and roll. The people were not ready to say goodbye to one of the best bands ever known, and the band was not ready to call it quits either, so what do they do? They find a replacement to keep the band going for all of their amazing fans-- me being one as well obviously. The one that took his place is already known quite well for bringing the world music that changes it; his name is Axl Rose-- the lead singer of the former rock/metal band Guns and Roses.  
  Axl Rose has been doing an amazing job keeping the band going and carrying out their legacy.I would love to see Axl Rose live, but I haven't got the chance. Brian Johnson says that he hopes he can return in the mere future, and he just might do that because he went to see an in-ear technology specialists named Stephen Ambrose. Brian’s hearing is much improved,and he is hoping to return to AC/DC, as soon as he is in the health to do so. I was raised on AC/DC, and I hope Brian can return to the band as the lead singer. I love Axl Rose although Brian is the unique  sound of AC/DC.
 If you are a fan of AC/DC, then you will be happy to know that they are staying around for a long time. They will continue their band for all of their wonderful fans, and that is good news for us because we still get to hear them play live!--Cody Williamson

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