Friday, September 23, 2016

September horoscopes by Jaycee Hughes

Day (Based off of the moon)
Aquarius (Jan. 20- Feb. 18)
Because of Mercury retrograde, it will be easy for Aquarius to move on from past troubles and strengthen the bond with those you are involved with currently. Since the retrograde is in Virgo at the time, it is not a good time to travel or do any paperwork because you will most likely get too stressed out about it now.
Libra and Gemini
All September Aquarius, beware, you will be very emotional, especially during the eclipses.
Pisces(Feb. 19- Mar. 20)
Sorry for the inconvenience, Pisces, but this is not your month. Since the retrograde is in Virgo, opposite of you, then this month will be all sorts of trouble for you. Your ‘creative’ thoughts might seem to have run short or disappear altogether. You may seem to have been running into people from your past, and you notice your relationship is nothing like it used to be.
Scorpio and Cancer
During Mercury retrograde the Pisces will experience miscommunication with those you have a relationship.
Aries(Mar 21- April 19)
Big shifts are coming Aries, beware, changes in your relationships, organization, and routine. Perhaps you will be running a bit behind until you reorganize your schedule to avoid issues. With the Mercury retrograde being in Virgo, it is not advised to try communicating very often, traveling, buying anything expensive, or doing any paperwork. For the women, perhaps your monthly schedule will be shift a week ahead or a week behind, so be careful and stay prepared.
Sagittarius and Leo
From the very beginning of the month you might have noticed that you are extremely stressed out,and it feels like your entire daily routine has completely shifted.
Taurus(April 20- May 20)
Thanks to Mercury retrograde, everything you start will seem like it is falling apart, but it is the best time to wrap up an old project that you have been putting off for a while. Since the retrograde also falls in Virgo, you may experience run ins with old band mates or past love relationships. Communicating with people may feel very annoying.
Capricorn and Virgo
In the beginning of the month you probably felt like you just couldn’t even force yourself out of bed, but now at the end of the month, it seems like your energy has began to go back to normal.
Gemini(May 21- June 20)
Even though you might have had a rough and stressful start this month, don’t worry Gemini, your time is coming. Making travel plans or business plans is a bad idea for you though, Gemini; it will cause you to be very stressed out and possibly completely mix your life up.
Aquarius and Libra
Since your planet is Mercury, your month might have started off very rough and tiring. Now that we're ending the month, it should begin to get easier on you, Gemini, so just hang in there.
Cancer(June 21- July 22)
Your emotions are revolving around the moon phases, which means that each day will be a little worse than the one before until the full moon. If you have siblings, beware because you might be having problems with them or others in your house or neighborhood. You’ll get easily annoyed by the exhaustion and emotions that are mixing up in your life.
Pisces and Scorpio
It will be a very busy month for you Cancer. Just beware with all the emotions of Mercury retrograde.

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