Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Senior high football scrimmage

Last Tuesday the Westside Warriors Took on the Rivercrest Colts and the East Point County Warriors (EPC). The Westside Warriors haven’t scrimmaged against EPC in four years; that game resulted in a horrible defeat for Westside. As for the Colts, this was a first. The Westside Warriors opened up the scrimmage against the Colts where they played 25 minutes with an unstopped clock. The first 10 minutes went with no score. At about 15 minutes into the game, one of the Colts picked up a fumble and ran it back for a touchdown. At about 20 minutes Warrior Jake Meeks threw a touchdown pass to Austin Tyler. The game stayed 7-7. Next, the Westside Warriors take on EPC. Right off the start Westside ran the Ball down the field, and Tyke Taylor finished it off. The next score for Westside came at about 17 minutes. The Warriors held EPC to 0 points. The final score was 14-0.--Tyke Taylor

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