Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Road warrior

Have you ever wanted a street legal tank? Well, then let me introduce you to the marauder! The marauder is a military spec vehicle that normal people can buy with a good bit of money and a thorough background check. In this vehicle you will be afraid of running over someone but at the same time feel like a god of destruction as you drive this thing down the street. With this vehicle you can haul a small army, which is great if you're planning on robbing a bank (just kidding) or just going on a road trip with your friends.

You also can park pretty much anywhere you want as well. Say you can't  find a spot to park outside your friend's place. The way I see it, you have one of two options. Option one is to drive round the block until you find a nice, cushy place to park; option two is to park that three ton war machine in your friend's living room and worry about it later. --Zach Norwood and Tristen Lee

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