Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Riveting footage

The Slow Mo Guys are youtube celebrities that get paid to break things and do strange and extreme things with a high resolution camera. They record with a Phantom v1610, which costs upwards of $100,000. This camera records over 100,000 frames per second. They did a video in which they shot an automatic rifle and recorded it. They recorded it for 7 seconds, and the camera caught so much that it turned it into 13 hours of footage. They can literally record sound before it exists. That’s crazy. They can record faster than a bullet, and they can record faster than lightning. And what do they use this camera for? Saving lives? Studying microscopic organisms? Solving crime and providing security? No. They use it to record themselves smashing tvs  and shooting automatic rifles. Just like God intended. The only thing that makes this better is that the two brothers that produce this show both have British accents. --Zach Norwood and Tristen Lee

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