Monday, September 12, 2016

Recommended Artist: Twenty One Pilots

If you are in a rut with the music you are listening to right now, here is a band that I recommend you listen to.
TOP is a musical duo of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun.You may have heard their hit “Stressed Out” on the radio, known catchy lyrics and relatable chorus. The rest of their songs are pretty much the same way! Just a fair warning, even though their songs seem catchy and innocent, they have a very dark undertone. Most of their songs contain metaphors dealing with depression, due to the fact that their front man Tyler suffers from this. They try to make their songs as relatable to the fans as possible and try their hardest to reach out connect with them. Unlike most of the music today, Twenty One Pilots is a very wholesome and family friendly band; they never use and profane or vulgar language in their lyrics. Not only is their music good, they have great personalities as well. Their friendship is undeniably strong. You never see one of them without the other close behind. So, in conclusion, if you are looking for a new band to listen to, I recommend Twenty One Pilots. - Kassidy Bolick

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  1. I absolutely agree Stressed Out really hit! Like their new song Heathens. I and my girlfriend decided to buy concert tickets here I`m confident that I`ll be delighted by the live performance Tyler and Josh.