Friday, September 16, 2016

Netflix originals

Ever since 2007, Netflix grew from its simple DVD-by-mail service to actually offering streaming. After they added this service, the number of subscribers rapidly increased and so did Netflix’s net worth. With this money, they eventually were able to make their own original series in 2013. This is where the game changed.
Netflix was able to wipe out Blockbuster due to it’s low price and convenience. Whenever it began to make its own shows, television was in trouble, too. In 2013, they created three of their own shows: “House of Cards”, “Orange is the New Black”, and “Hemlock Grove”. Two out of three were granted awards. The Netflix originals were off to a great start.
Since then, Netflix has created several originals and even continued some shows that couldn’t make it on television, such as “Arrested Development.” They have a show for everyone. If someone is a fan of superheroes, there’s “Daredevil” and “Jessica Jones”. For all of those “Full House” fans, there’s the new “Fuller House”. People that just need a good show to watch could check out “Sense8”, “House of Cards”, “Orange is the New Black”, and their new show, “Stranger Things”.  
Admittedly, I can’t vouch for all of these shows, but I can say that “Orange is the New Black” and “Stranger Things” are definitely worth watching. If you are in need of new show, I’d highly suggest checking out Netflix originals. -Jeydon Riggs


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