Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Music: The Ultimate Cheat Code

Music has a different specific purpose for everyone. Whether it be a way to get pumped up before a sporting event, a form of therapy after a long day, or just background noise to pass time while cleaning or doing schoolwork, everyone can use music to help them in their everyday lives.

I have searched the internet and asked a few of my fellow students how they benefit from listening to music, and I have created a list of “music life hacks” to help your daily routine move a little smoother by just using your favorite songs and playlists.
  1. Trick your brain -  Have you ever noticed that grocery and clothing stores play music? This is not just for background noise or convenience of the customers. They usually play light pop or soft rock (depending on their demographic) in order to cause shoppers to shop at a slower pace and see more merchandise, which causes more impulse buys. You yourself can create playlists to listen to while studying or doing homework to make your brain slow down and concentrate on the task at hand. I suggest songs that are a medium to slow tempo and that you are familiar with to prevent the music from becoming a distraction.
  2. Relax and heal - When you have any kind of physical injuries, music can distract your mind from the pain and help it release more endorphins to make you happier and outweigh the pain. Music can relax your mind and body and help you sleep better, like a lullaby for an infant.
  3. Increase energy and performance - Playing music during and before a sporting event is very common because, like in grocery stores, the upbeat music helps the audience get pumped up and into the game and gets the players focused and ready to win!
  4. Manage time -  If you are like me, you roll out of bed with barely enough time to get ready. To help this problem, you can time yourself doing key things while getting ready and create a playlist of songs that correspond with your morning routine. For example, if doing your hair took around four minutes to do, find a song that is four minutes and add it to your playlist so that when that song stops you will know to move on to the next task.
  5. Help manage depression - I know from personal experience that music can help you through a rough day, but for people with depression, rough days are very common. Finding things to pull you out of a sad, empty, and numb state are very important. For some people, finding a list of songs that make you happy and inspire you helps combat this.--Kassidy Bolick

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