Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Lightning and Tornado safety by Emily Diamond

This year lightning is three times more deadly than tornadoes.
You would think that getting struck by lightning is rare, but not this year. 35 people have died from lightning strikes this year so far while only 12 people died from tornadoes this year. Both are very unfortunate, so here are a few things to do if/when you need to know.

Lightning: Do not stay outside to see the lightning bolts. I know that they are thrilling and beautiful to see, but it is not worth your life. Get indoors or to a hard-topped vehicle as soon as possible. If you have nowhere to go, there are still things that you can do. You can crouch down as close as you can to the ground, like a baseball catcher, and stand on the ball of your feet while touching your heels together. Put your elbows on your knees and cover your ears tightly to prevent hearing loss, as you know thunder is extremely loud when it is close to you. This position will make the electricity from the bolt and run it only through your feet, instead of going through your whole body.

Tornado: The safest places to go are to a shelter or a basement if you can. Stay low and cover your head. If you can't get into a basement or shelter, go to a windowless interior room on the lowest possible floor. Get into a bathtub or under a strong table if possible. If there is no other place to go, get in a car or a ditch or any low-lying area.
Signs of a tornado are: dark green-tinted clouds, loud roaring noises, wall clouds, funnels or rotating clouds, and/or dust walls.

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