Thursday, September 8, 2016

Fall fashion
So it’s no longer summer any more, is it? That means the shorts and crop tops are not acceptable any more. It’s starting to be a little cool, so sweater weather is here! The colors of the leaves are starting to change and so can your color and style of clothes! People usually dress according to the weather. For example, in the summer, most people avoid the color black because black attracts heat, right? The same is true for fall since our temperature can vary thirty degrees in a day. You probably want to stick with colors like light brown, orange, burgundy, and basically anything with neutral colors. You don’t want to overdress or underdress.
A few stores that I recommend that have a great selection of neutral colors include Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, Target, and Plato’s Closet. These stores have reasonable prices. Let’s fall into fall with our cute outfits!       --Shamaria Hankerson

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