Thursday, September 1, 2016

Does music change you?

There are new studies that show that yes, music does change your mood. You can go from having a great day to having the worst day by one song. Music speaks to us in many different ways. It can either make us upbeat and happy or crying and upset.
Let’s say you're having a bad day; you would listen to either depressed music or upbeat music to make your day better. In my opinion, I listen to heavy metal to punk rock to pretty much anything in that area. It calms me down or makes me happy. It all depends on the song. It is not always music that can change your mood; most of the time, it is the song that can change it.
That brings me to my opinion for the study. I think that it’s not the type of music that you listen to. I feel that it’s the song that does. Every song has a different meaning to everybody, so it can either be a good memory or maybe a bad one. It’s the song that changes your mood-- especially if it has a deep meaning to you.  So does music change you?  --Larae Calder


  1. I agree. I can confirm this from personal experience.

  2. Anonymous6/9/16 08:21

    music chance my feeling