Friday, September 30, 2016

Deep sea volcano hotspot for life

A three man submarine team descended into the deep sea to find out geological features about an extinct volcano at the seafloor. This was the first expedition to this volcano with a manned submarine. During this expedition the team found an octopus with large fins that look like “Dumbo’s Ears,” and they may have found a new species of violet colored coral named, purple haze. Scientists do not know anything about the sea floor, but they think that it could be a spot where new species could be.
Seamounts are dormant volcanoes that rise from the bottom of the ocean and do not break the surface.They are a natural hotspot for marine life because they have nutrients in the water from the seafloor up the mount. Seamounts are thought to take up about 18 million square miles of the planet. This mount that they discovered is believed to be about 80 million years old; it could hold many new animal species and elements that mining companies can extract. ~ Brandon Smith

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