Monday, September 12, 2016

By Nathan Coggins

                   102 minutes of a century

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This 11th of September will mark the 15 year anniversary. With the sorrow and grief of many parents, husbands, wives, sons and daughters, we look back on that day remembering watching the first then the second tower fall all in real time. To think of all the people who were trapped in the north and south towers when they fell is heart-wrenching.  
We now look back on that fateful day and mourn once again. In one 102 minute period, we lost over 2,999 people including 256 at the Pentagon with the addition of many more people bringing the death toll up to roughly 3,000 people. What started the longest war in the Middle East would consume the lives of more men and women. Today will mark the 15th anniversary, which will be a very emotional 15 years in retrospect, of those who lost a family member or friend.
Today as we look back, we will always learn from our mistakes and problems; this one will have been one for the history books. In the memories of a time-worn nation, America's fortitude will hold true to the strong values of the people. I don’t take days for granted.

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