Friday, September 23, 2016

Book recommendation by Allie Jones

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

To me, Cinder by Marissa Meyer is like a mix of Star Wars, The Hunger Games, and of course- Cinderella. Now, this already sounds pretty complicated. But wait- there's more! Cinder (Cinderella) is a cyborg. She lives in the empire of New Beijing. Her stepmother hates her, but as long as she keeps her distance, her life is pretty good. That is, until a plague breaks out and the royal doctors round up all of the cyborgs to be test possible antidotes. Meanwhile, there is a race of moon people called Lunars who are ruled by an evil queen. Lunars and Earth Dwellers do not get along. So, the results of Cinder’s antidote tests come as quite a shock. While this book is definitely not the traditional Cinderella story, it is still in my top five favorite series ever.

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