Friday, September 2, 2016

Bands in town

My dream has always been to be a singer. Ever since I was little, I have always wanted to be on stage singing and making people happy. I have been to eight concerts, and every time I go I always know that's what I want to be doing. I look up to so many celebrities such as Jacob Whitesides, R5, Cimorelli, Cassadee Pope, etc. They all make me so happy, and their music makes me feel so much emotion. I want to make other people as happy as they make me. I want people to actually be able to tell me their stories and what they go through and trust me enough so I could be able to help them. I have been through a lot, and those people helped me through the rough times. I am going to try so hard to turn my dream into a reality. I am going to make YouTube videos, broadcast on any app to try and get known, and sing in my school talent shows. I will do whatever I have to so I can become a singer and change people’s lives for the better. --Megan

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