Thursday, April 14, 2016

Academic signing day--a new Westside tradition

On Wednesday, April 6th, Westside High School held its first annual Academic Signing Day at the Fine Arts Center. Representatives from major nearby colleges came to recognize seniors of Westside High School. The representatives announced the names of students attending their colleges this fall and the scholarships that they earned. Some of the colleges were ASU, ASU Newport, U of A, UALR, Williams Baptist, and UCA. Students whose college representatives did not make it were recognized by Mr. Graham. There were also students who were named that will be going into the Air Force. Below are some pictures from the signing.
--Haley Robinson, Kara Kelso, & Bairek Bush

(Photo by Taylor Watkins) (Photo by Kara Kelso)

(Photo by Haley Robinson)

(Photos by Tristen Qualls)

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