Thursday, January 7, 2016

"Alive Inside" Review

This week the Tribal Tribune watched a powerful documentary in class. The documentary, "Alive Inside" is a documentary bringing a side of the world that most young people don't like to see. This documentary "Alive Inside: A Story of Music and Memory" covers the tragic life of elderly people in nursing homes and different facilities. Music therapy has proven to be helpful to people with mental diseases and even people just living in nursing homes. The organization Music and Memory is trying to get Ipods to nursing homes and is having a huge difficulty with this. The documentary covers the success stories of the program and the difficulties the organization is having. I did not expect much from this documentary. I had heard of it before and thought it sounded boring and unnecessarily sad. I knew about Alzheimer's and had read some articles about the success of music therapy. Honestly, I never really cared that much about the subject, so I just ignored it. This documentary was far from what I expected. It was not boring and dull like a large majority of documentaries that I have seen. The people in this documentary were so raw and so real that I really felt for them. After watching, I feel that I should care more about this subject. It evokes a feeling that someone needs to do something. I would highly recommend this documentary to anyone, any age, any gender, any walk of life. 
--Bethany Barnes         

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