Thursday, January 7, 2016

Music and Memory fundraiser

The Westside High School journalism class is working on having an iPod drive. The purpose of the iPod drive is to take donations so that we may distribute iPods or other sources of music to elderly people in nursing homes. After watching a documentary called "Alive Inside," we learned that listening to music often helps elders with Alzheimer’s and similar illnesses retrieve their memory. Not only does listening to their favorite songs help them remember certain moments in life, but it also gives them joy and happiness that they deserve. Our goal is to educate people all around Northeast Arkansas on what Music and Memory truly means and how it can help. We want to help start up a Music and Memory program at nearby nursing homes. Many journalism students are working to help spread the word, and get the drive going. I, myself, have contacted KAIT8 via email, asking them for help in promoting the Music and Memory program, as well as our iPod Drive fundraiser. If you have any information on how we can help spread the word, or if you’d like to learn more and participate in the iPod drive, please contact Mrs. Riggs.
--Karrisa Gregg

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