Thursday, January 7, 2016

Lost and found pets

I recently stumbled upon a situation where an unfamiliar dog showed up at my front door. The beagle didn’t didn’t have a collar, and he looked scared--like he had been dropped off. If he stayed around until it got dark, we were going to keep him around. Well, he stayed. We let him in, and he obviously was trained and was an inside dog. We posted a picture of him on the Bono Lost and Found Pets Facebook page. The next day, his owner was found. If you run into a situation like this and live in the Bono area, post a picture on this page, and they will do everything they can to find their owner. If you are missing a family pet, post a picture; they will try to find them. Someone will spot them and notify you. Be sure to get a clear enough picture on what the animal looks like. This is a good way to help a loved one get back home.

--Jaden Baker

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